About US

  • An educational consultancy and student services office based in Basaksehir – Istanbul – Türkiye.
  • EDU AWAY provides its services in all educational and academic fields, in both private and public universities in turkey , Turkish scholarships as well.
  • We are working to achieve the student’s dream to enroll in the best universities and obtain the major he wants for free.
  •  EDU AWAY provides you with a group of specialists in the field of educational services in Turkey to answer your questions and inquiries regarding everything related to studying and applying to Turkish universities. Not only this, but also helps you to fully determine the major and apply for universities. And send all developments in the event of acceptance or rejection.

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Our goals

  • The EDU AWAY office seeks to provide and guarantee all the needs and requirements that the student faces at the beginning of his educational career, which constitutes a burden on him. We are also working to reduce some of these burdens that are dictated by our values and our mission in this field. Therefore, our role is not limited to applying and obtaining university admission, but rather we continue with the student and his family as one family whose goal is the stability of the student and his complete dedication to receiving good education.
Why register with us?
  • Registration, acceptance and follow-up installation are totally for free.
  • The SAT or IOS exam is not a requirement for registration.
  • Language proficiency certificate is not a requirement for admission.
  •    Get discounts, partial grants, and take advantage of our exclusive early registration offers
  • Providing all services and student needs for free.

Our services

  Some of the services we offer to facilitate student access with a 10% discount for our students:-
  • Providing free educational consultations.
  • Get a free admission and follow-up installation file.
  • Translate and attest documents required for university registration.
  • Send a recommendation from the university to the embassy in order to obtain a student
  • Reservation of airline tickets for students and their families.
  • Picking up the student from the airport.
  • Securing suitable dorms for male and female students.
  •   Preparing residence permit application for students.
  •    Obtaining student health insurance.
  • All life counseling services in Türkiye are for free.
  • Issuing an equivalency or accreditation for the student’s certificate.
  • Issuance of a discounted transportation card for students.
Advantages of studying in Türkiye
Turkey provides many advantages that any young man dreams of, and the most important advantages of studying in Turkey are:
  • A high level of education  according to international
  • Openness to other European and Arab cultures.
  • Turkey is located on two continents (Europe and Asia), which is the reason for its diversity and distinction.²  Living conditions in turkey are suitable for students and their families, as Turkey offers many job opportunities for students.
  • Participation in the Erasmus Student Exchange Organization (ERASMUS) to study around the world.
  • International recognition of university degrees, the most important of which is European recognition after the Bologna Agreement.
  • An educational level with a high ranking among international universities.
  • Facilities and discounts that are offered to foreign students (accommodation – transportation card – ease of obtaining a visa – health insurance…).
  • Providing study requirements after state support for educational sectors (scholarships – low tuition fees – availability of university housing – job opportunities, investment and tourism – low cost of living).
Which majors are available?

 Medical fields

are the most distinguished majors in Turkey (dentistry -medicine – pharmacy – physiotherapy).
 As the student has the ability to learn and apply what he studied in the largest hospitals in Turkey, so that he can fully and accurately understand the scientific material.


  •  Turkish universities are among the best universities in the world in engineering learning, such as computer engineering, mechatronics engineering, architectural and structural engineering, medical engineering and other majors. Therefore, studying engineering can be one of the best fields in Turkey  as:
  • Laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technical equipment in various fields of engineering to help students excel in their field
  • Clubs, centers and ongoing workshops to work on special projects for students.

       Literary universities

  •  In accordance with the global development in the fields of technology and social media, Turkish universities offer a large number of literary majors, most notably e-marketing, media, languages, translation, business administration and other departments.