Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is located in the center of Istanbul and it established by Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation. The University contributes to international development in different areas including cultural, social and economic. Therefore, it supports the students during their degree and even after graduation by creating a career plan with the career center in the University.

Faculty of Human Medicine and Dentistry


The Faculty of Human Medicine at Aydın University includes the following majors:


Basic Medical Sciences.

Internal Medicine.

Surgical Medical Sciences.


College Of Engineering With Its Various Disciplines


The Faculty Of Engineering At Istanbul Aydın University Includes The Following Majors:


Computer Engineering.

Electrical Electronics Engineering.

Industrial Engineering.

Food Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering.

Civil Engineering .

Mechanical Engineering.

Software Engineering.

Industrial Design.

Interior Architecture.


College Of Fine Arts

Drama And Acting.


Culinary Art.

Graphic Design.

Textiles And Fashion Design.

Digital Game Design.

College Of Communication And Media

The Press.

Visual Communication Design.

Public Communication And Promotion.

Radio, Television And Cinema.

Marketing And Advertising.

Journalism And Television Programming.

New Media And Communications.

College Of Health Sciences

Nutrition And Diet.

Child Growth.

Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation.



Health Care Administration.

Social Service.

Faculty Of Education

Teaching The Arabic Language.

Teaching Elementary Mathematics.

English Teacher.

Pre-School Teaching.

Teaching Special Education.

Psychological Guidance And Counseling.

Teaching In The Classroom.

Turkish Education.

Music Education.

Faculty Of Letters And Arts

English Language And Literature.



The Date.

Turkish Language And Literature.

Faculty Of Economics And Administrative Sciences

Economics And Finance.

Aviation Management.

Business Management.

Public Administration.

Accounting And Finance Department.

Political Science And International Relations.

International Trade.

College Of Sports Sciences

Teaching Physical Education And Sports.

Sports Management.

Coaching Training.


Faculty Of Applied Science


Information Systems.

Software Development.


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