Istanbul Medipol University

Medipol University is one of the top universities in Europe; the University utilizes the latest technologies to serve students and encourage them to reach the highest level in Education and the training.

Medipol University has two campuses, one in Kavacık and the other one located in Haliç. They include well-equipped large classes with the latest visual and audio equipment, Tennis and basketball courts, and entertainment areas for the students and around 50-student club, besides the cinema, theatre, and photography studios.

On the other side, Medipol University is one of the top Turkish Universities that is popular with its useful role towards the health majors through Medipol Mega University Hospital that considered as one of the largest health projects in Turkey. It has many departments and medical specializations; it also gives students exceptional opportunities for practical and professional training.


Faculties :

Faculty of Human Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Communication

Faculty of law

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of  Arts and Design


  Schools and institutes in Medipol

Professional School of Justice

IMU Vocational School

Professional School of Health Services

Professional School of Social Sciences

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Institute of Forensic Sciences

Research Institute of Health Sciences and Technologies

Institute of Health Sciences

Institute of Social Sciences


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