Study conditions in Turkey


In recent years, there has been an increase in research on studying in Turkey and the requirements for studying there, given the country’s scientific and technological progress. Students seek to study in Turkey in order to achieve a high level of scientific advancement and obtain a suitable job without the need to study again after university.


One of the most important reasons that people seek to study in Turkey is the issue of guaranteed university admission with a high probability at private universities, regardless of the student’s high school grades. This means that students generally have the opportunity to choose the major they want and guarantee enrollment to a large extent, especially when they communicate with the study platform team, which offers guaranteed university admission to students by signing contracts and agreements with a selection of the best private universities in Turkey.


In addition, tuition fees and registration fees at Turkish universities are low compared to other European countries. There is also a wide variety of university majors, branches, colleges, and institutes.


The conservative Islamic environment in Turkey, which is similar to Arab customs and traditions, is one of the most attractive factors for students, and in this regard, Arab students do not find great difficulties in adapting to life in Turkey.


Students can obtain a student residence permit that is renewed annually and provides the holder with many benefits throughout the study period. Moreover, many Turkish private universities use English as the primary language of instruction in many university majors.


All Turkish universities have official recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Arab world.


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