Advantages of studying in Turkey

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about studying in Turkey, and demand for travel to Turkey and studying at one of its universities has increased in the Arab region.


Now we will learn about the advantages of studying in Turkey, and the reasons that make students want to travel to Turkey and start their university education there.


Advantages of studying in Turkey:


Lower cost

One of the most important advantages of studying in Turkey is that we find that the fees of universities and the cost of living in Turkey are cheaper and lower than most European countries and the United States of America, while offering the same level of education provided by these universities in Europe or America.


Modern experiences

Another factor that makes you consider studying in Turkey is that studying in Turkey provides an environment for modern and traditional experiences under one roof in a country that is more secure and stable.


English language

Most universities in Turkey use English as a primary language alongside Turkish, which makes it easier for students to join them and study within their walls.


And most importantly, the outstanding quality of education will prepare you for a distinguished future.


Youthful community

Turkey welcomes young people, with 31% of its population aged between 12-24, and the Turkish people are a hospitable people who derive this feature from their ancient traditions

Life in Turkey

Turkey provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for students, and many universities offer consultation services to help foreign students adapt to life in Turkey.


University Housing

Most Turkish universities have the ability to provide various types of housing. Each university has student dormitories, as well as shared apartments and houses for rent, especially in major cities. Student housing is available, and its fees vary depending on the type of room and number of occupants, as well as meal plans. External housing is also available, with an average rent of 500 Turkish Lira per month.



Most universities provide good-quality food services and diverse alternatives at affordable prices. Cafes and restaurants located near university campuses are also other options for dining outside the university. If you prefer, you can also prepare your own food.


Average Cost of Living

The monthly expenses for foreign students in Turkey range from at least 500 to 600 US dollars, depending on the student’s lifestyle. Book and administrative fees cost approximately 100-150 US dollars per academic term.



Public transportation is widely available through buses, minibuses, and subways, especially in major cities. All students are entitled to special discounted rates for their travel within and outside the cities

Scientific Research:


Today, there are 70,000 scientific researchers in Turkey. With the addition of the rest, the number of researchers rises to 150,000. However, this number is not sufficient, as if we look at Germany with a population of about 82.5 million, we find that this number includes over 500,000 researchers.


It is worth noting that Turkey has increased the budget for research and scientific studies to 8.5 billion Turkish liras in 2009. Thus, it became faster than some countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in doubling research and scientific studies allocations.


Quality of Education:


The quality of education and teaching staff in Turkish universities provides a great opportunity to obtain the skills needed to keep pace with the era of globalization. Turkish universities have the best professors in all disciplines from different nationalities around the world.


International Recognition:


The degrees and certificates awarded by Turkish universities are recognized in most parts of the world. You can obtain more information about the recognition of Turkish degrees and certificates by consulting the relevant educational authorities in your country.


Activities on Campus:


The campus in most Turkish universities includes advanced libraries and laboratories where you can conduct research and study to access different aspects of information. As a student in Turkey, you will also enjoy sports, cultural facilities, clubs, and various entertainment facilities.


Cultural Diversity:


The diversity and richness that you will find in Turkey blend together the features of Asia and Europe, as well as the cultural diversity among students. Turkish universities include thousands of students from different nationalities

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